Beyond the Silicon : Supporting Electronics Design Engineers

We know that electronics engineers love the silicon aspects of their designs and would probably rather the passive and electromechanical interconnection elements just took care of themselves. Well now they can, thanks to Elec-Rep. We have…
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Best Electronics Engineer Forums

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We have summarised our favourites from our list of best electronics engineer forums below. For CPD or simply getting inspiration for your project, these resources can point you in the right direction. If you have any other recommended…

Supporting Electronics Design Engineers

We represent manufacturers of Passive, Interconnect & Electromechanical products and we’re good at it. We know the tech and we have the channels to sell tech products. Our Principals have components that are some of the best products on…

Are Self Discharge and Leakage Current The Same?

"Self discharge and leakage current are essentially the same Leakage current: The small amount of additional current that is required, during charging the Supercapacitor to maintain the charge on the capacitor . Self-discharge: The small…
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11 Forums in Ask The Experts Hub

We are pleased to announce we now have 11 different forums in our Ask the Experts hub on You will find a host of experts across the passive interconnect electronics industry, available to answer all of your burning technical…

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