TEWA custom probe assemblies

Tewa Electronics Group is a leading NTC Thermistor and Temperature Probe manufacturer located in Lublin, Poland serving the European market. Tewa Electronics Group has grown from the established Polish company “TEWA” which has more than 40 years of experience in serving customer needs and supplying Temperature Sensing Solutions to a broad spectrum of user markets.

Automotive: Discrete thermistor & assemblies. Industry standard curves.
Chemical Industry: Glass thermistor probes. Custom housing and curves.
HVAC: Boiler probes. Special Housing. Custom designs.
Biomedical: Standard curves. Series 400 compatible. Catheter probes. Miniature thermistors.
Space and Military: Supplier to Soviet-Era programs.
Instrumentation: Standard curves. Custom electrical and physical designs. Miniature sensors.
Communication: Chip thermistor. Custom designs. Miniature sensors.
Aviation: Discrete thermistor. Custom designs. Other applcations: Versatile probes designs.

Tewa Electronics Group has adopted a policy of continual quality improvement of both product and service. Dynamic and flexible sales and engineering teams are focused on providing superior customer service. Tewa Electronics Group will always manufacture thermistors and temperature probes to the highest quality standards.

NTC Disc Thermistor  (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-1-series-ntc-disc-thermistor/)
Designed for temperature measurement, control and compensation.

Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-2-series-glass-encapsulated-ntc-thermistor/)
Glass encapsulation provides extra moisture protection and interchangeability.

NTC Epoxy Contact Chip Thermistor (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-3tt-s-series-ntc-epoxy-contact-chip-thermistor/)
Tight resistance and Beta Value tolerance.

Custom Temperature Sensors (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/temperature-sensors/tt-4-series-custom-temperature-sensors2/)
Variety of metal and plastic housings and tubings designed for specific applications.

NTC Microchip Thermistor (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-5-series-ntc-microchip-thermistor/)
Custom size tube and wire configuration.

Thermocouples (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/temperature-sensors/seria-tt-tco-termopary/)
Excellent stability at high temperature applications provided by high quality materials.

Lead Frame NTC Thermistors (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-7-series-lead-frame-ntc-thermistors/)
Very good endurance against thermal shock.

SMD NTC Thermistor ( http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-8-series-smd-ntc-thermistor-2/)
High accuracy and high environmental resistance.

Overmoulded Temperature Sensors (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/temperature-sensors/tt-0-series-overmoulded-temperature-sensors/)
Excellent insulation against moisture, degree of waterproof protection IP68.

Diode Type Glass NTC Thermistor (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-2-series-glass-encapsulated-ntc-thermistor/)
Dumet leads are suitable for soldering or welding.

Platinum Temperature Sensors (http://tewa-sensors.com/products/thermistors/tt-pt-platinum-temperature-sensors/)
Operating Temperature Range between -40’C and 400’C


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