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IXYS Integrated Circruitry Division (IXYS ICD – formerly Clare Inc) designs, manufactures and markets high-voltage integrated circuits and optically isolated Solid State Relays (OptoMOS®)

As a pioneer in the development of Solid State Relays (SSRs), IXYS ICD has become a leading supplier to the telecommunications, security, utility metering, and industrial control industries. IXYS ICD SSR solutions are rapidly replacing older electromechanical devices in many applications, and enhancing overall system performance. IXYS ICD continues to develop leadership products that offer higher levels of integration and electrical performance.

IXYS ICD’s products enable communications by providing the critical interface between high-voltage electrical signals and the low-voltage electronics that process these signals. Leading manufacturers of communication, industrial, power, and consumer equipment around the world rely on IXYS ICD for semiconductor solutions.

Solid State Relays
The OptoMOS® line of solid state relays uses discrete semiconductor components and the patented OptoMOS architecture to deliver fast, reliable, bounce-free switching in a compact design.

Opto Isolators
OptoMOS® Linear optocouplers feature an infrared LED optically coupled with two phototransistors.

Single and Dual Optocouplers
Single and Dual OptoMOS® products provide an optically isolated means of switching control circuits.

Solar Cells
The IXYS ICD Solar Cell is a revolutionary new product offering that addresses the diverse needs and applications of the growing low power solar energy market.

Silicon DAA
Silicon Data Access Arrangements (DAA), Phone Line Interface Telephone Network Interfaces. Connecting to telephone networks for both voice and data applications requires a suitable interface that offers all of the required functionality and that is compatible with the network.

Phone Line Supervision
The CPC5712 is a special purpose Phone Line Monitor with Detectors (PLMD) integrated circuit that is used in various high voltage telephony applications.

Multifunction Relays
The OptoMOS® line of multifunction products combines optically isolated discrete component functions in a small package.

DAA Module
The Cybergate family is IXYS ICD’s turnkey modular DAA solution.

Embedded Modem Module
Our Embedded Modem Module currently combines a datapump and microcontroller with the Data Access Arrangement (DAA) to deliver an all in one solution for transaction oriented applications.

Central Office
The LCAS product family consists of monolithic ICs that contain high voltage switches for tip and ring line break, power ringing, line test access, test in access and ringing generator testing.

MF Trunk Signalling
Used in MF trunk signaling applications these products inculde a family of PCM digital MF transceivers in a variety of formats.

Hi-Reliability Program
Any of Our Solid State Relays (SSR) or Optocouplers can be provided as a Hi-Rel device based on extensive additional environmental stressing and screening performed on standard commercial parts

Call Progress Tone
IXYS ICD’s family of Call Progress Detectors and Generators provide an inexpensive method of detecting and generating common call progress tones including busy tone, dial tone, call waiting tones and others.

DC Termination IC’s
Building on years of telecommunications line interface experience and high voltage processing expertise, IXYS ICD offers the CPC1465 and the CPC1466.

Power Solid State Relays
Former Clare and IXYS joined forces to bring OptoMos® technology, reliability and compact size to the new i4-PAC and ISOPLUS-264 series of power solid state relays.

AC Solid State Power Switches

Optically Isolated AC Solid State Power Switches. The OptoMOS® line of power products uses dual power SCR outputs to produce an alternative to optocoupler and Triac circuits.

IXYS ICD’s N-channel depletion mode field effect transistors (FET) utilise a proprietary third generation vertical DMOS process.

MOSFET & IGBT Gate Drivers
The IXDF602/IXDI602/IXDN602 dual high-speed gate drivers are especially well suited for driving the latest IXYS MOSFETs and IGBTs.

High Voltage LED Drivers
CPC9909 is a low cost, high-efficiency, offline, high-brightness (HB) LED driver manufactured using Clare’s high voltage BCDMOS on SOI process. This driver has an internal regulator that allows it to operate from 8VDC to 550VDC . This wide input operating voltage range enables the driver to be used in a broad range of HB LED applications.

ePaper Gate Driver
MXEI2300 is a 300 bit serial shift register, level translator, and high voltage buffered driver. MXEI2300 is an excellent choice for driving the displays of eBooks and eReaders, mobile phones and other portable hand-held devices, smart cards, and other electronic display devices.

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