Dreyer System Gmbh are a provider of Thermal Management solutions and Thermal Printing solutions.

As a recognised value added reseller of GrafTech they have the capability to convert your custom requirement using HITHERM, SPREADERSHIELD and FIN STOCK thus meeting demand on a timely and cost effective basis.

For more than 20 years Dreyer have been designing Thermal Printing Solutions for all kinds of industrial applications. The product range includes circuit diagrams and components as well as complete printer modules with either winder or cutter.

Graphite Thermal Interface Materials assure optimal transition from the component to be cooled to the heat sink. The use of thermal management is essential and provides benefits such as easy handling, no outgassing, alleviates surface irregularities and provides high thermal conductivity. With a thermal conductivity of up to 16 W / mK in the z-direction, graphite is ideal for the thermal contact resistance to a minimum. Depending on component size, amount of power loss and heat flow density can be used in various applications. Innovative solutions for thermal management are now more than ever the focus of product design. Thermal conductivity, density, and not least the cost of the overall system are decisive criteria.

Graphite Heatsink Solutions. Besides the traditional materials such as copper or aluminium, natural graphite has now established itself as another alternative for the cooling of components. The anisotropic character of graphite means it has excellent thermal conductivity in plane and lower heat conductivity through plane.

Thermal Printing Solutions. In addition to our standard product line we offer customized solutions to help you integrate the latest printer technology. Because of our “open” controller design, firmware updates are easy to carry out, even remote maintenance updates such as optimizing the energy consumption or implementing new character sets.

You can find our printing solutions in such applications as: Medical Applications; Measurement; Mobile Applications; Fuel Terminals; Parking Machines; Reverse Vending Machines; Gaming Machines; Information Terminals.

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