Since 1938, Dialight is a recognized leader in light indication, in various market types (Telecom, Datacom, Industrial, Medical, IoT, Military). Product range includes PCB and front panel product lines, meeting all kind of requirements; allowing to display a quick readable information.

A supportive NPI plan for the next years will show even more innovative indication solutions, to meet next year’s technical and various compliance challenges, required by the various industries we are working with.

Dialight indication solution range proposes:

Circuit Board Indication

Available in through hole, as of discrete or block of housed LEDs, they reduce the labour required to assemble the part and increase the quality level of the final assembly

In SMD version, discrete LEDs, optical guides (Optopipes®) and SMT fully compliant indicator Prism® (available in single, bi and trilevel) product lines offer different component solution to resolve any implementation issue. Optical guides allow a better placement of the light source, minimizing their impact while offering a higher ESD insultation.

Panel Mount Indication

Dialight ranges covers panel holes from 3 to 30 mm. Range proposes plastic and metal housings, allowing to select the best suitable part for any type of application and its specific requirements. Available voltages also covers a wide range, to adapt to any current electronic board or industrial power requirement.