Who we represent

Elec-Rep represent manufacturers of Passive, Interconnect & Electromechanical products and we’re good at it. We know the tech and we have the channels to sell tech products. Our Principals have components that are some of the best products on the market. Here is a brief introduction to them:

Adam Tech
Focus on connector designs. Reducing cost and improves performance in a broad range of applications. Develops your concepts into designs tooling and production.

CIT Relay & Switch
An industry leading manufacturer of RoHS compliant electromechanical relays & switches.

Creative Materials
Microelectronics grade adhesives; electrically conductive adhesives, coatings and inks; anisotropic conductive adhesives; dielectric adhesives, coatings and inks; thermally conductive adhesives; encapsulating and potting compounds.

Dreyer System
Natural Graphite Thermal Interface Material, Natural Graphite Heatsink Solutions.

Eaton Electronics
Coiltronics Inductor and Transformer Magnetics, PowerStor Supercapacitors and Cooper Bussmann Overcurrent & Overvoltage Circuit Protection.

ILSI America, LLC and MMD Monitor/Quartztek
A broad range of Frequency Control Products with the primary business being the development and supply of quartz crystal based frequency control products that include crystal oscillators and quartz crystals in a variety of package types.

IXYS Integrated Circruitry Division
Solid State Relays, Telecom ICs, Optocouplers, Solar Cells, Silicon DAA.

Thermal management leader, supplying a broad range of standard and custom AC Fans, DC Fans, Blowers, impellers and accessories.

Advanced Packaging for things like the world’s smallest pacemakers or defibrillator components. Also used for telecom, industrial, and military applications.

Thermal Management Solutions, Heat Spreaders, Heat Shields, Thermal Interface Materials.

Ping York Inc.
PCB Layout Design, PCB Prototype/Mass Production, Component Assembly (SMT/DIP), Box Build, Product Test and Product Safety Approval.

Tewa Electronics
NTC Thermistors, Temperature Probe Assemblies, Custom Temperature Sensors, Thermocouples.

World Products Inc.
Electromechanical Relays, Film Capacitors, Over Voltage Protection Devices, Thermally Protected Varistors, Metal Oxide Varistors, Gas discharge Tubes, Spark Gaps, Antenna Products.

For more details about these products, Principals or to discuss how we might work with you to grow your business in Europe please contact us.