CIT Relay and Switch

Broad Range of Automotive and UL Approved Relays

CIT Relay & Switch Offers a broad-line of UL approved and automotive relays. From low current applications up to 80amps, CIT can support your requirements, including UL approved latching relays. To choose the best relay for your application,…
Eaton Supercapacitors

Eaton First To Apply For Supercapacitor CE Mark Certification

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Power management company Eaton has announced that its XLM Supercapacitor product (XLM-62R1137A-R) completed the CE mark self-certification for meeting the European safety requirements. Eaton is the first manufacturer to complete the testing…

The Importance of Graphite in Electronics Components

Electronics manufacturers using graphite at the heart of their products include the likes of Neograf who have ensured that graphite has become a vital part of many of today’s most advanced products and applications. From Consumer Electronics,…
Globtek Power Supply

Small Open Frame Power Supply From Globtek

GlobTek has introduced one of the smallest (2" x 3" x 1"), up to 60 Watt Universal Input Regulated Switchmode AC-DC Open Frame Power Supply for ITE, Medical and Household Applications. The GTM43007 represents GlobTek’s entry into an ultra-small…

ILSI Acquires Oscilent

ILSI America LLC has announced the acquisition of Oscilent Corporation. Oscilent will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of ILSI and will be headquartered in Reno, NV. The Oscilent brand will continue to be supported for both new and existing…

Solar Cell Solutions

Creative Materials has developed custom solutions for the solar cell industry. Significant pressures confront the solar industry to both lower raw materials costs and increase product efficiency in order to compete with traditional grid power…
Akos Labady

Meet The Expert - Akos Labady

Akos Labady, Senior Field Application Engineer from Eaton Electronics is one of our leading Experts in our Expert Hub. When we say #AskTheExpert we really mean it. Akos' main expertise is power electronics (ACDC and DCDC power supplies)…

Ecliptek, LLC Multi Voltage Quartz Crystal Clock Oscillator

Ecliptek's EB19E2 multi-voltage quartz crystal oscillator has a compact footprint of 2.5mm x 3.2mm, while offering tight frequency stabilities and industrial operating temperature range. Additionally, the EB19E2 product series is designed to…