Coded Rotary DIP Switches

CIT Relay & Switch offers Coded Rotary DIP switches in two sizes. The RD07 Series is a 7mm sub-miniature DIP offering a flush arrow, 4.9mm knurled slot or 4.2mm flat slot actuator style. The RD07 is available with three different position…

ThermaBridge Tech Notes

A ThermaBridge™ is a specialty thick film component developed and offered by IMS for use in the thermal management of electronic devices and modules. These products operate under the simple principle of conducting as much heat energy…

VM3 and SM3 Series Snap-Action Switches

CIT Relay & Switch offers the miniature VM3 Series and sub-miniature SM3 Series snap-action switches in a choice of SPST or SPDT circuit. With UL/cUL recognition, these switches are available in 0.110” and 0.250” quick connect, solder…
David Stuart

Meet David Stuart from NeoGraf

We are delighted to welcome David Stuart from Neograf to our Expert Panel. David Stuart Research Scientist GRAFGUARD® Expandable Graphite Application Engineer Dave has been with NeoGraf for nearly 20 years working in the R&D and…
CIT A6 Series

Shorter Lead-times and Lower Pricing

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CIT Relay & Switch is currently offering two automotive relays with shorter than industry standard lead time and better than industry standard pricing. A6 Series Automotive Relay The A6…

Ask The Expert

Now you can Ask The Expert in our brand new PIE online community. Everything you ever wondered or wanted to know but were too afraid to ask... well know you have the opportunity. Our panel of Experts are ready and waiting to answer technical,…

Graphite in the Consumer Electronics Market

Graphite has become a vital part of many of today’s most advanced products and applications. From Consumer Electronics, to Industrial Gaskets, to Fire Stop materials graphite’s unique properties of being thin, lightweight, flexible, long-lasting,…
ILSI smart utility meters wireless rf application

Case Study : ILSI Smart Utility Meters Wireless RF Application

ILSI PROJECT Small scale utility meter that measures customer utility usage and wirelessly transmits data to collection point via mesh or cellular networks. APPLICATION CHALLENGES …