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Coded Rotary DIP Switches

CIT Relay & Switch offers Coded Rotary DIP switches in two sizes. The RD07 Series is a 7mm sub-miniature DIP offering a flush arrow, 4.9mm knurled slot or 4.2mm flat slot actuator style. The RD07 is available with three different position options, (4, 10, &16). The RD10 Series is a 10mm miniature DIP with five […]

EDS Show 2018

We are preparing for the EDS Show at the Mirage, Las Vegas and arranging a huge diary of meetings with friends, Principals and colleagues, old and new. The leadership summit draws together everyone throughout the industry and is where the electronics industry connects. We will be recording and launching our Electronics Industry Podcast at the […]


Are Self Discharge and Leakage Current The Same?

“Self discharge and leakage current are essentially the same Leakage current: The small amount of additional current that is required, during charging the Supercapacitor to maintain the charge on the capacitor . Self-discharge: The small amount of current that will discharge the Supercapacitor when the charge voltage is removed, and the capacitor is not loaded. […]


ThermaBridge Tech Notes

A ThermaBridge™ is a specialty thick film component developed and offered by IMS for use in the thermal management of electronic devices and modules. These products operate under the simple principle of conducting as much heat energy as possible, while simultaneously serving as an outstanding insulator of electrical energy and signal. We are pleased to refer […]

Passive Electronics, Proactive Social Media

If you are in the passive electronics components industry, how are you using social media proactively? We have had our social media accounts Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram for a few years now and are only now starting to see some real engagement and connection. We think this might be because our industry has been […]


VM3 and SM3 Series Snap-Action Switches

CIT Relay & Switch offers the miniature VM3 Series and sub-miniature SM3 Series snap-action switches in a choice of SPST or SPDT circuit. With UL/cUL recognition, these switches are available in 0.110” and 0.250” quick connect, solder lug, PC pin and right angle PC pin termination. Ratings are up to 16amps at 125VAC / 250VAC. […]

11 Forums in Ask The Experts Hub

We are pleased to announce we now have 11 different forums in our Ask the Experts hub on Elec-Rep.co.uk You will find a host of experts across the passive interconnect electronics industry, available to answer all of your burning technical and commercial questions. Visit the Hub and join the conversation.