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W63WS3 WiFi 6 Antenna

Blade-Style Dipole for WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E Applications The Linx ANT-W63WS3-SMA is a dipole, blade-style antenna for WiFi 6/WiFi 6E applications in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz bands. The hinged design allows for the antenna to be positioned for optimum performance and reduces the potential for damage from impact compared to […]

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New Sub-6 5G Cellular Antennas

Linx Technologies introduces four cellular antennas, in two series, for sub-6 5G applications.  The 5GW series targets the 5G low band (617 MHz to 960 MHz) and midband (1710 MHz to 5000 MHz).  The 5GM series focuses on 5G midband applications. Please click on the antennas below for further information – ANT-5GWWS1-SMA ANT-5GWWS2-SMA ANT-5GMWP1-SMA ANT-5GMWS1-SMA

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WiFi/WLAN FPC Series Antennas

Flexible Embedded WiFi 6 Antenna The Linx W63-FPC antenna is a flexible embedded multiband antenna offering excellent performance for WiFi 6E applications in the 6 GHz band (5.925 GHz to 7.125 GHz) plus 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi/WLAN solutions. The W63-FPC provides a ground plane independent dipole embedded antenna solution comparable in performance to […]

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RPC Series Antennas – LTE/LPWA Embedded Dipole Antenna

The ANT-LTE-RPC-ccc (RPC) is a rigid, adhesive-backed, multiband cellular and cellular IoT antenna (LTE-M and NB-IoT) for embedded applications requiring excellent 600 MHz, 700 MHz and 800 MHz band performance. The RPC also supports low-power, wide-area (LPWA) networking at 868 MHz and 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz ISM, and global navigation systems (GNSS/GPS). The RPC provides […]


New Digi-Key and Mouser Stocking Feature

View Stock and Pricing on Linx Product Pages For stocking information, click the Availability button on Linx product pages. From there, use the Go button to visit our distributor’s product page, or click “Get a Quote from Linx” button for a quote from us directly.  

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LPD Series – Panel Mount Dipole WiFi/WLAN Antenna

The ANT-DB1-LPD-125 (LPD) is a panel-mount dipole antenna for WiFi/WLAN/U-NII 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band applications. The snap-in panel mount provides for easy and secure installation and the hinged whip with 3-position detent allows for optimal antenna positioning. Connection is made to the radio via a 125 mm long, 1.13 mm coaxial cable […]

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180W Cardiac Floating (CF Category) Wall Plug in and Desktop adapters available in 5-54VDC outputs, Model GTM961800PWWWVV.V-T3

The medical standard IEC60601-1 defines three types of applied parts, parts of the equipment that comes into contact with the the patient under normal operating conditions. Type CF, or Cardiac Floating, parts have the most stringent classification as they are parts that may come into direct contact with the heart. Type CF (cardiac floating) are […]

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Eaton’s New Automotive Grade Chip Inductor Line

MCLA (Multilayer type) and WCLA (Wire wound type) MCLA & WCLA are highly reliable AEC-Q200 qualified chip inductors to meet the fast growing need for noise intrusion immunity in automotive applications. MCLA & WCLA are low profile, low dissipation inductors for high frequency filtering, impedance matching and RF tuned circuits in automotive transmitting and receiving […]