Continuing our popular theme of thermal management, today we look at Mechatronics whose range includes, but is not limited to, 12V DC brushless fans, 24V DC blower fans, DC fans for heat exchangers and DC exhaust fans.

This year Mechatronics announced the LPH series of high performance and low-cost EC fans. The new low power consumption axial fans add new sizes, new control options, and optional IP68 environmental protection. Delivering UL recognized EC fans at a price that is a fraction of competing models, Mechatronics is making electronically commutated fan technology available for markets and applications where cost had previously limited their viability.

Mechatronics LPH series fans also deliver up to 50% energy savings over traditional AC fans of the same size and airflow. “With the introduction of the LPH series fans, Mechatronics continues to show we are committed to delivering products that create immediate value in performance and power consumption at a price that lowers total cost of ownership,” said Shawn Psachos, General Manager at Mechatronics Inc. AC axial fans are used across a vast array of industrial, medical, and technical products that can benefit from replacement with EC fans. View the product range.

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