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David Stuart

We really appreciate working with our team of Experts.

Dave Stuart who is a Research Scientist at NeoGraf, working as GRAFGUARD® Expandable Graphite Application Engineer, has 20 years experience working in the R&D and product development groups, primarily focused on natural graphite products.

Dave’s polymer background has allowed him to excel in materials development for GRAFCELL Flow field Plate materials for fuel cells in the past and now as the primary application engineer for GRAFGUARD® Expandable Graphite to be used for fire retardant applications. His polymer formulation knowledge with carbon and graphite materials is key to shortening customers’ development time. GRAFGUARD® expandable graphite can be incorporated into foams, coatings, flexible firestops, bituminous roofing as well as many other building materials.

Dave is one of our extensive team of technical experts and you can ask your technical questions in the Experts Forum

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