Whilst the world is moving increasingly to digital engagement there is still an importance in electronics sales representation.

Most field salespeople would likely agree that customers can be “less accessible” than they once were, but that’s not because they don’t “need” us any more. The voice of the customer will suggest something quite the contrary, in fact. We just need to listen in order to understand the key to customer access and engagement.” David Norris, Norris & Associates, Inc. ERA President.

Now of course you could be thinking, well you would say that wouldn’t you, because it’s what you do…. and you would be correct.

However, over the years we have seen that it’s all about balance.

The most successful electronics components manufacturers balance their digital presence with real world presence and often in the form of outsources sales personnel.

Take Eaton, for example. A very large corporate entity who strike this balance very well and continue to outperform many competitors in the marketplace. Every day they publish great online content and promote it through social media. They also use the likes of Elec-Rep to represent key product lines in many of the markets they serve.

The great thing about this kind of balance is that it gives flexibility. On the ground you have people who can be fleet of foot and with an eye on opportunities that arise every day in the most significant and targets distribution channels. On the internet they can also support, if, like us, they offer marketing services and promotion. When key prospects, distributors and customers search online they need to find exactly what they are looking for; Not just products but expert support too.

As you plan your 2019 sales and marketing, let’s chat… we can share ideas with you.

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