CIT Relay and Switch

CIT Relay & Switch Offers a broad-line of UL approved and automotive relays. From low current applications up to 80amps, CIT can support your requirements, including UL approved latching relays. To choose the best relay for your application, contact us today. We will work with you to determine your best options and provide you with a high quality, competitive solution for your relay needs.

If we need to, we can refer to our Relay Expert, Andrew Walker, in our Expert Forum.

CIT Relay & Switch UL approved relays are electromechanical relays for use in low voltage equipment. UL approval defines the basic functional and safety requirements for applications in all areas of electronics and are verified as compliant with the requirements.
Automotive relay switches can be found in just about every car, truck and even golf carts. Used to enable a low amperage circuit to switch on and off a higher amperage circuit like headlights, relays are also used to switch multiple things at the same time using one output. A single output connected to multiple relays allow opening and/or closing simultaneously. Most automotive electrical relays are SPST or SPDT.
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