It is that time of the year again when our attentions turn to sales planning for 2019.

Every year around this time, our electronics manufacturers, and the rest of the world, begin to focus on their plans and sales tactics for the coming year. They will review how things have been over the last 12 months, they will look at market trends, speak to their agents, sales representatives and customer support staff to glean a clear view over what is most likely to happen in the next year.

From this market intelligence and customer experience we then begin shaping the most practical and likely scenarios for the coming year. Some will be innovative and ground-breaking. Some will be practical and sustainable, keeping the company’s head above water, in some instances. Some will be looking to launch new products and break into new markets and seek to beat growth targets to support their commitment to their shareholders.

Whatever the strategies, the sales planning for 2019 will begin in haste to ensure that we hit next year in a positive mindset, aligned with the manufacturers’ expectations and financial targets, and that everyone is pointing in the same direction.

If you are one of our existing partners we look forward to working with you again to help grow your business. If you like the idea of a carefully coordinated and achievable sales plan, then get in touch and we can explore the opportunities together.

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