Ecliptek’s EB19E2 multi-voltage quartz crystal oscillator has a compact footprint of 2.5mm x 3.2mm, while offering tight frequency stabilities and industrial operating temperature range. Additionally, the EB19E2 product series is designed to operate across a wide supply voltage range of 1.62v to 3.36v. This variable supply voltage feature allows the EB19E2 Series to be used across multiple platforms that have a range of supply voltages. This single clocking solution gives the customer the opportunity to capitalize on the economies of scale for cost, lead time, and BOM management.

Medical Equipment
Gigabit Ethernet
Fiber Channel
Routers, Servers & Hubs
Network Switches

Frequency Range of 1 MHz to 50 MHz
+/- 20ppm Tolerance Stability
Superior RMS Phase Noise & Jitter Performance
Low Current Draw

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