Eaton In-Line Fuse Holders

There are many varieties of wire connectors commercially available and many documents and videos to illustrate how to crimp them to specified wires. This document provides guidelines to help customers crimp wires to Eaton’s electronic in-line fuse holders. The terminals that are packaged with Eaton’s Bussmann Series HFA, HFB, HHB and HH family of fuse holders are very similar to commonly found wire connectors such as quick connects, ring and fork terminals. As such, the crimping method can be viewed similarly.

If browsing various Internet sources on how to assemble fuse holders, one may find some very critical reviews of in-line fuse holders; however this is frequently impropoer assembly practices, such as poor wire crimping, or applying the wrong fuse holder.

>> read more : Following these guidelines will help ensure that all end users will be satisfied with Eaton’s Bussmann Series in-line fuse holders.

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