Inline Fuse Holder

There are many definitions of fuse accessories that can be found depending on how much searching is done. At a high level, fuse accessories can be considered devices that accept incoming power and assist in carrying it through the fuse as efficiently as possible. In doing so, the possibility exists that added features are built into the product to provide additional functionality that is beneficial for the OEM or to the end user of the assembly.
A few common components of fuse accessories can be defined as follows:
• Terminals are responsible for both accepting current from the circuit into the fuse accessory and delivering it back to the circuit.
• Contacts are responsible for engaging with the fuse to deliver current to and from the fuse, often in the form of a clip or an eyelet.
• Additional components can be found in various fuse holders, but they depend on the product type.

Things to Consider : installation type, fuses accepted, accessibility, replaceability, circuit parameters, environmental conditions

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