When the USB Type-C specification was originally published in 2015, it promised to support greater speed, more power, and more convenience than historical USB technologies. Since then, the USB Type-C connection is gaining greater adoption, and it is changing the way manufacturers can utilize the USB connection.

USB Type-C connector specification defines a completely new configuration for USB connectors. Small in size like a Micro USB Type B connector, USB Type-C is also distinct in that both ends of the connector are identical. What’s more, each connector is identical on each side, so there’s no right and no wrong way to plug it in to the port.

This universal connection will eliminate user frustration and confusion when connecting devices. And since there’s only one type of USB Type-C connection and no ‘wrong’ way to plug in a USB Type-C connector, you’ll be able to use any cable to power and provide data to any device with a Type-C connector.

For more information about GlobTek USB Type C Connectors, please contact Elec-Rep.

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