Graphite has become a vital part of many of today’s most advanced products and applications. From Consumer Electronics, to Industrial Gaskets, to Fire Stop materials graphite’s unique properties of being thin, lightweight, flexible, long-lasting, and non-flammable have enabled the production of the most desired devices and products.

From the latest cell-phone in your pocket, to the thin Ultrabook computer on your desk, to the Ultra High Definition television on your wall, thin lightweight flexible graphite is enabling today’s most desired consumer electronics technology. Graphite effectively spreads in a thin and lightweight form factor making the latest generations of advanced electronics possible.

For example today’s Smartphones have unique thermal challenges. They contain a hot processor that must be cooled. The shell of the phone has strict touch temperature restrictions. And the display must be protected from hot spots and thermal gradients. All of this must be done in a thin form factor. Only the latest generations of ultra-high performance synthetic graphite heat spreaders will meet the performance needs of the industry.

NeoGraf eGRAF® SPREADERSHIELD™ flexible graphite heat spreaders provide a unique material capable of cooling a hot component, protecting a temperature sensitive component, reducing a thermal gradient, or preventing a surface hot spot.

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