Mechatronics AC and DC Fans
Mechatronics list the following as primary fan applications:
·         Telecommunication / Networking
Mechatronics offers a wide variety of models designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of today’s telecommunication and networking applications, Mechatronics has a number of options for your telecommunication or networking application, including high airflow and environmental protection.
·         Medical
Ranging from diagnostic equipment to patient monitoring, Mechatronics fans provide customers in the medical industry with high reliability, low noise cooling.
·         Industrial
Mechatronics backward curved impellers provide exceptional airflow ideal for air filtration, humidification and dehumidification. Axial fan solutions for industrial applications include environmental protection and ultra high airflow models.
·         Appliance
Mechatronics fans provide heating or cooling for appliance applications including ovens, food warming / cooling and refrigeration. Our high temperature solutions offer design flexibility.
Mechatronics also cover:
Mini DC Fans
•       High end miniaturized camera technology – UAV cameras, other cameras
•       VR Systems – VR Headsets
•       Rapid chargers – UAV chargers
•       Small Humidifiers – Air Fresheners – Scent Diffuser
•       Medical devices
•       Mini LED Controllers – Light panels
High Airflow DC Fans
•       Power Supplies
•       Servers
•       Networking Equipment
•       Medical Equipment
•       Food Service Equipment
•       Lighting
•       Hybrid Power – Tactical Power Systems
•       Solar Power
•       Fuel Cells
•       Electric Car Charging Stations
•       Battery Coolers
•       Power Converters
•       Heat Exchangers
•       Exhaust / Air Movers
•       Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers
•       HEPA Filter Assemblies
•       Fume Exhaust
•       Refrigeration
•       Containment / Abatement
•       HVAC
AC and EC Fans:
·         Appliance
·         Refrigeration
·         Food Processing Equipment
·         Enclosures
·         Data Storage Cabinets
·         Servers
·         Telecom Cabinets
·         Medical & Dental Equipment
·         Industrial Applications
·         Heat Exchangers
·         Automation controls
·         Lighting / Signage
·         Inverters / Power Supplies
·         HVAC
·         Battery Charging Systems
·         Electric Car/Battery Coolers
·         Material Processing Equipment
·         Food Service Equipment
·         Lighting
·         Diagnostic Equipment
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