Crystal ILCX19

ILSI now provides an IoT Frequency Control Solution Package for RFID and RF Design Engineers

“RF, Component, Design Engineers and PCB Mechanical Engineers in the RFID/RF market segment are challenged to move to smaller designs for their board layouts. A typical higher end RFID/RF schematic will consist of a microprocessor, a TCXO and Divide by Crystal to clean the signal, and a 32.768kHz watch Crystal for real time clocking (RTC), a total of three Frequency Control Devices on the board. The microprocessor and associated Frequency Control Devices (Timing Tree) are only one aspect of the board schematic. An RFID/RF schematic may also include as many as 35 total line items including the Timing Tree on a board that is smaller than 7mmx9mm” said David Stantley, Global Sales and Marketing Manager for ILSI MMD Frequency Control Products.

“ILSI MMD offers a Frequency Control Solution Package for the RFID/RF segment with super ultra-miniature footprints to support the challenge of shrinking board designs. Our RFID/RF Frequency Control Solution Package consists of all three required Frequency Control Products of the Timing Tree to support the microprocessor. Currently we offer a +/-0.5ppm TCXO with dimensions of 2×1.6mm, a Divide by Crystal at +/-15ppm with dimensions of 1.6x2mm, and a 32.768kHz Watch Crystal at 1.6x1mm all in -40C to +85C operating temperature range.”

Download the RFID and RF Design Engineer focused Datasheet IOT FREQUENCY CONTROL SOLUTION FOR RF DESIGN APPLICATIONS 2017

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