ILSI smart utility meters wireless rf application

Case Study : ILSI Smart Utility Meters Wireless RF Application

ILSI PROJECT Small scale utility meter that measures customer utility usage and wirelessly transmits data to collection point via mesh or cellular networks. APPLICATION CHALLENGES …

Food and Beverage Electro-Mechanical Offering

The Food and Beverage industry includes companies involved in processing raw food materials, packaging, and distribution. With the latest automation and technology advances, demand has risen dramatically in switch and relay content. With the…
TEWA sensors

Importance of Temperature Sensors

Have you considered the importance of temperature sensors? TEWA have and created four excellent summaries of why you need to consider temperature sensors as an integral part of your projects. Mechanical protection, why it is so important? One…
WPI TVZ Technology

Designing With Thermally Protected Varistors

There are significant advantages in Designing With Thermally Protected Varistors Versus Standard MOVs according to Leonard Drewes, Engineering Manager, World Products Inc. Read the whitepaper WPI-TVZ-WhitePaper
Mechatronics AC and DC Fans

Mechatronics : Company Profile

Mechatronics list the following as primary fan applications: ·         Telecommunication / Networking Mechatronics offers a wide variety of models designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of today’s telecommunication…
Crystal ILCX19

ILSI provides IoT Frequency Control Solution Package for RFID and RF Design Engineers

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ILSI now provides an IoT Frequency Control Solution Package for RFID and RF Design Engineers "RF, Component, Design Engineers and PCB Mechanical Engineers in the RFID/RF market segment are challenged to move to smaller designs for…

Low Power Consumption AC Fans

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Mechatronics has announced a range of Low Power Consumption AC Fans. Reduced power allows the ability to lower fan power consumption by up to 70% Mechatronics Low Power EC Fan models offer significantly reduced wattage without sacrificing…