IXYS has introduced a new High Current MOSFET Power Solid State Relay (SSR)

The CPC1705Y is a 60V, DC-Only Power Relay, Ideal for Variety of High Performance Reliable Switching Applications


This product is the industry’s highest load current rating for a single-pole normally closed (1-Form B) solid state relay using an optically coupled, single MOSFET output switch architecture in a Power IC package. The CPC1705Y SSR provides 2500Vrms of input to output isolation and has a very low 0.09 Ohms maximum On-Resistance.

The relay output is constructed with an efficient MOSFET switch that utilizes ICD’s patented OptoMOS architecture. The input, controls the optically coupled output requiring only 5mA of input current to activate the isolated DC switch.

The device is offered in IXYS ICD’s 4-pin Power Single In-line Package (Power SIP) (10.2 height X 21.1 length X 3.3 width in mm) which facilitates multiple channel switching in dense printed circuit board designs and has an operational temperature range from -40 to +85 Celsius. Off state leakage current is 1uA maximum at 25 Celsius.

The CPC1705Y 1-Form-B SSR is complementary to IXYS ICD’s popular CPC1706Y Normally Open (1-Form-A) SSR with similar specifications. Using both 1-Form-A and 1-Form-B devices facilitates SPDT switching designs in addition to the inherent SPST functionality of these SSRs.

The combination of low on-resistance and high load current capability makes this relay suitable for a variety of high performance switching applications, especially applications that cannot use electromechanical relays that generate sparks.

Applications include: transportation and automotive, security, battery backup systems, industrial controls, IoT power control and robotics.

The CPC1705Y is approved to the UL 508 and CSA Standards for industrial control equipment.

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