Projected growth for Metal Oxide Varistor products is estimated at approximately 12% through 2025 estimated at $21 billion dollars. Market sector approximations are essentially 50% Asia Pacific, 20% Middle East and Africa, 15% Europe and 15% North and South America. Driving this growth are consumer electronics, automotive, smart devices, the lighting industry (LED growing exponentially), process control, defense/aerospace, communications, industrial, surge protection (SPD products), and wireless, etc. Essentially anything that requires line voltage is a candidate.
Metal Oxide Varistor technology has been described as a technology that will never be obsoleted as this technology offers more options (voltages, current ratings, configurations) at overall lower cost as compared to competing Overvoltage Protection technologies.
It is difficult to beat superior cost and overall performance, making Metal Oxide Varistors the overwhelming choice of engineers for essentially any application requiring Overvoltage Protection.
Although the Thermally Protected Varistor is a higher priced component (compared to a standard Metal Oxide Varistor), its superior performance characteristics are rapidly making it the predominant choice for Overvoltage Protection in applications requiring a higher level of reliability. Thermally Protected Varistors reliability, coupled with its superior safety characteristics, are further shaping worldwide safety approval requirements established by agencies such as UL, VDE, IEC etc. rapidly heightening the awareness and need for this “state of the art” Metal Oxide Varistor technology.
World Products Inc. (WPI) Thermally Protected Varistors are considered to be the industry standard. Contact WPI to see the extended product line that offers engineers more disk size and design options as well as associated cost benefits.
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