Many people say August is a quiet month, but when you are in the business of representing electronics manufacturers it’s a great time to cut through the normal noise and reach our prospects, targets and distributors.

Today we asked around our offices to find out what everyone is doing, seeing as we aren’t away and allegedly the industry is out on vacation. We find this assumption is incorrect:

“I’m trying to arrange principal visits, and I’m following up leads from POS Reports.”

“Training our new French FSE on GoldMine ready for the big push starting September.”

“I’m doing business development in UK and Europe.”

“I am researching new opportunities in the NP postcode (Wales) for potential customers to receive the Elec-Rep linecard and adopt “Constant Contacts” as a medium to receive our appropriate principal’s updates. These are companies on GoldMine that we have contacted in the past for a specific principal but may have a need for wider solutions. I have already carried out the same process for SA & CF postcodes with some success.”

So the next time anyone says to you that you can’t do business in August, you can confidently tell them that it’s a great month to do business because everything is quieter.

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