Ecliptek’s Low Input Current EMRA CMOS Oscillators
Hardware, Component, Design, and PCB Mechanical Engineers in the IoT market segment are challenged to move to smaller footprints with equal or better electrical parameter performance.  Board layouts that consist of a microprocessor and the associated Frequency Control Devices (Timing Tree) are only one of many component footprints on the board schematic. A typical circuit may include as many as 35 total line items including the Timing Tree on a board that is 7mmx9mm or smaller impacting board space.
Ecliptek’s EMRA Series MEMS Frequency Control Solutions feature ultra-compact footprints, as small as 1.6mm X 2.0mm to support the challenge of shrinking board designs together with tight stabilities, wide temperature range, and low current draw for battery operated applications in LVCMOS logic.

Ecliptek’s EMRA oscillator family enables our customers to choose from a wide array of low current REACH Compliant options, including 30 different SMD package / supply voltage combinations, extreme operating temperature ranges, and frequency tolerance / stabilities as tight as ±20ppm.

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