Following the tragic recent events in London there has been an increasing momentum in the interest around research and product improvements to fire retardant materials, to assist in meeting health and safety standards.

One of our specialist Principals, GrafTech has developed GRAFGUARD® expandable graphite flakes; fire retardant additives for materials that require improved fire protection characteristics, including wood, foam, plastics, and other construction and building materials. The GrafTech product can be used to improve the performance of fire retardant additives such as phosphates, halogens, and nitrogen compounds. Crystalline graphite flake is the starting material in the manufacture of expandable graphite.

During manufacturing, chemicals are trapped between the graphite layers. The expansion can be more than 100 times its original thickness, resulting in a non-burnable, insulating layer. GRAFGUARD® expandable graphite flake enables the building products industry to meet increasingly stringent fire safety codes for insulation panels for wood products and foam insulation panels, putties and coatings.

For more information please contact Kevin White.

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