HITHERM™ HT-C3200 Thermal Interface Material (TIM) lets you get the most out of your power electronics modules and devices. With operating temperatures over 400C, it works effortlessly with Silicon and WBG devices.

HITHERM™ HT-C3200 Thermal Interface Material (TIM)
 is the first of its kind, a compressible graphite sheet with thermal performance that matches or exceeds traditional thermal grease without pump-out and dry-out failure modes.
    • “A new generation of compressible graphite based TIM incorporates the compliance of thermal grease while providing the reliability of carbon at high temperatures. The eGRAF® HITHERMTM HT-C3200 Thermal Interface Material is the first of its kind of compressible graphite designed specifically to address the current and future needs of the power electronics market.” Prashanth Subramanian, Market Development Manager
  • Consistent, reliable thermal performance enabling zero maintenance applications
  • Will not flow or pump out under any thermal extremes, thermal cycles, or part orientation
  • Assembly-ready foil form factor eliminates dispensing and cleaning processes
  • “NASA certified” minimal outgassing prevents fouling of optics in lighting applications
  • Applications

  • Custom LED light enginesHITHERM - Applications
  • Power electronics modules
  • Chip on Board LED engines

Download the Technical Datasheet

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