Elec-Rep are specialist sales and marketing representatives for manufacturers of passive and interconnect electronic components. As such we are always seeking new Principals with whom we can work to develop and grow business in the UK and Europe.

Our extensive networks and distributor channels mean the future is bright for manufacturers with cutting edge and innovative products.

Elec-Rep has a tried and tested model for selecting and working with the very best PIE manufacturers and our programme of application specific research ensures that no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding and securing great product distribution.

As market trends and researchers point towards an even more competitive environment in the coming years it is vital that manufacturers select and work with representatives who have one eye on today and one eye on the future. We will all grow sustainably by taking both a short term tactical and longer term strategic view of our industry.

We have seen many of our competitors come and go over the years and manufacturers themselves have sometimes seen significant challenges when it comes to drive consistent sales and revenue. This is why we believe the future relies on clear, open and authentic transactions and communication.

Just some of the reasons why we believe the future is bright for passive electronic and interconnect products as the world moves towards the rapid growth of the internet of things. We and our Principals are well placed.

If you would like to talk about how we might work together, please contact Kevin White at Elec-Rep.

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