Cooling Simplified – Mechatronics

What a great proposition from our Principal, Mechatronics, the privately held marketing, distribution and manufacturing company that was founded in 1979 to market components to the aerospace industry. Today the company is comprised of three operating groups that serve diverse markets.

With factories in USA, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, Mechatronics operates value added assembly with semi-automated crimping machines, contact / connector installation, threaded inserts / tapped mounting holes, multiple fan harnesses, complete fan tray assemblies and all modified products are inspected and tested for correct operation prior to shipment.

The Mechatronics proposition is industry leading customer service, high quality products, flexibility and ease of doing business, globally competitive pricing and local engineering support.

Fans, blowers and impellers are just some of the myriad of cooling products on offer and we would be delighted to talk to you about Mechatronics to see if we can match your needs with their product specifications.


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