AC, DC, Environmental or Replacement Fans could be seen as commodity products in a passive electronics market, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fan technology is improving all the time and this means it’s vital to keep an eye on the leading manufacturers and their innovations, both in technology but also service delivery.

This has mix has been a key factor in our careful selection of only the very best Principals to work with in this space.

Mechatronics are a fan manufacturer with a difference. Experience, flexibility, quality and timeliness are just some of their core values that resonate with ours. Many fan manufacturers focus on product alone. Mechatronics are committed to a full suite of value added services. The Mechatronics Fan Group has been a leading source of AC and DC cooling fans, blowers, value-added assemblies and cooling solutions since 1985.

If you are seeking a refreshing new look at fans, please get in touch.

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