One of the best ways we can provide value to our Principals as we represent them and their products in UK and Europe, is to conduct a deep and focused programme of application specific research.

Application specific research (ASR) begins with us working closely with our Principal manufacturers to define the appropriate product and relevant potential applications.

Tapping into our existing networks or focusing on new ones, we research and identify candidate companies who may provide appropriate distribution or affiliations. The list of companies is reviewed with our Principal and collaboratively prioritised to identify the focus for further follow-ups.

The follow-up may make use of digital, phone, Skype and face to face communications and we always back up contact with email confirmations and further details.

Further details about product, technical specifications, marketing and website needs and other business development opportunities are collectively shared and agreed and the relationship is then underway.

Regular and timely reviews with all parties are essential to ensure that the application specific research delivered accurate and appropriate results into sales and business development goals of our Principal. Return on investment is vital for all parties.

Our lead ASR specialist is Damian Brooks. It’s an intense role requiring focus and dedication as well as attention to detail, so we asked Damian what he is up to outside of work to relax. “I am very much looking forward to my family holiday next week down in Perranporth!  The local cricket season is almost upon us too, so this takes up a lot of my personal time in terms of team selection, practice and general organisation.  I have also recently completed an. All Stars Activator course, so am looking forward to coaching young children aged 5 – 8 at our local cricket club in June.  All Stars Cricket is a National scheme, run by the ECB.”

For more information about our application specific research please contact Damian.

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