As sales negotiators in the passive interconnect electronics distribution channel, we regularly have our skills tested by a host of buyers and technical specialists. And one thing we most certainly are not, is passive!

One of the key weapons in our armoury is our application specific research. Armed with a wealth of knowledge from our research we are in a strong position to seek out and secure great win-win relationships for our Principals. By win-win we mean matching the needs of the Principal with the demands of the distribution channels across Europe. This matching requires us to always be on the look out for mutual benefit.

Active listening to both those we represent and the channels we secure, is vital to ensure we match the right businesses, products and markets. The research we do, before we engage in connections and conversations, ensures that we more often than not, hit the right people at the right time, with the right products at the right prices.

The blend of background research and collectively decades of sale negotiation experience, means we are regularly the first choice sales and marketing representatives in Europe, for passive component manufacturers across the world.

If you are an passive electronic or interconnect component manufacturer seeking sales in UK and Europe, please contact us for an initial informal conversation.

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