As sales and business development representatives in UK and Europe, of passive and interconnecting electronic components, we are always on the look out for the latest trends.

In one of the latest 2016 market research reports we see evidence of continued pressure on manufacturers for producing relevant, cost effective and innovative product solutions.

Driving the value of products up at the same time as continued downward pressure on price points means effective strategic planning is at the heart of manufacturer growth. It is imperative to be working with a distribution channel who can open up incremental opportunities in new territories and this is at the heart of effective business development.

It’s vital to understand the subtle yet vital differences in overseas markets and to treat each territory on each continent as a discrete, segmented region with its own competitors, buyers, supply chain and marketing needs. No one market is the same as any other and a key to unlocking these differences is to use a distribution agent and sales representative who truly understands local market needs and how best to satisfy them.

For more details please contact Kevin White at Elec-Rep for an initial, informal conversation.

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