Have you noticed the things that you do first at the start of a typical day?

We asked around the team this morning and it appears, without skewing the results in any way, that everyone is putting the customer first!

“Currently I am reading through and actioning e-mails that have come in over night, then I will be planning for a principal review meeting in Birmingham tomorrow.” Damian

Our Principal review meetings are a crucial element in our ongoing relationship support.

“Reading an article in Electronics cooling, then I have posted on Linkedin and Twitter a  potential application for graftech spreadershield, and have asked our Principal what developments we have in this area. In short, application specific research; always looking for the new opportunity.” Kevin

Putting customer first isn’t about pandering to a ‘should do’ business ethos, it’s about living and breathing their best interests. Only in this way can we consistently deliver the high performance targets we set.