Solid State Relay With Highest Current rating in an SOIC Package

IXYS Announces New 60 Volt Dual, Normally Open Solid State Relay With Highest Current rating in an SOIC Package.

IXYS has announced the immediate availability of the CPC2907B, a dual, normally open (1-Form-A), 60 Volt, 2 Amp Solid State Relay (SSR) that comprises two independent, optically coupled, bidirectional MOSFET switches.

The CPC2907B is the first dual power relay offered by IXYS ICD and features an ultra-low150 milliohm on-resistance. This dual power relay is the industry’s highest rated loadcurrent device in a surface mount IC package.

This dual OptoMOS relay provides a more compact design solution than discrete single-pole relays in a variety of applications, saving board space by incorporating both switches in a single 8-pin surface mount package. In single pole mode, each switch is capable of 2 Amps continuous load current at 25 degrees Centigrade. Concurrent operation of both poles allows up to 1.7 Amps continuous load current through each switch, with an input to output isolation of 4000Vrms. Each switch operates with a 5mA LED input control current.

The CPC2907B meets the following approvals: UL Recognized Component: File E69938, CSA Certified Component: Certificate 1175739 and EN/IEC 60950-1 Certified Component: TUV Certificate B 13 12 82667 003.

Typical applications include security, instrumentation, data acquisition, medical equipmentpatient/ equipment isolation, and industrial controls. The CPC2907B is available in an 8-Pin Power SOIC package.

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