The Route To Successful Sales

Knowing your marketplace, channels and partners is an essential ingredient in successful electronics sales representation. Elec-Rep are masters at the art of Application Specific Research (ASR), the starting point in a product’s sales journey from manufacturer to end user.

The first step we take is to clearly define the product and its intended applications through discussion with the Principal. We then carefully research and identify potential distributors which we present to the Principal for review.

Upon agreeing the shortlist with the Principal, Elec-Rep then, in association with the Principal, confirms the marketing tools and materials that will support the product, whether it is a range extension or new product introduction.

Elec-Rep then directly contacts the approved targets at the same time as warming up the marketplace with digital marketing and social media activity on behalf of the Principal. For this we have a 10 step marketing strategy that the Principal can also commission, to help fast-track new product introduction into new markets.

The fine detail behind our ASR is the key to successful sales development and sustainable growth for our electronics manufacturer Principals.

For more details please contact Kevin White at Elec-Rep.

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