ILSI America LLC has been approved as a Frequency Control Supplier on the Si5326 and Si5368 Precision Clock Multiplier/Jitter Attenuator Chip. The Si5326 and Si5368 Chip generates any frequency from 2kHz to 945MHz and selected frequencies to 1.4GHz using any input frequency reference from 2kHz to 700MHz.

The ILSI part number approved for Si5326 and Si5368 is: ILCX13-114.285000M-2795 and is a 3.2 x 2.5 ceramic package quartz crystal.

“ILSI is proud to be an approved Frequency Control Supplier on the Silicon Labs Si5326/5368 reference design” said David Stantley, Global Sales and Marketing Manager of ILSI America, LLC. “Earning a high visibility approval on a cutting edge product with a Tier 1 customer such as Silicon Labs has tremendous benefit in strengthening ILSI America LLC and MMD Monitor/Quartztek Frequency Control Brands worldwide.”

For more details please contact Kevin White.

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