Elec-Rep as an electronic component manufacturer’s sales and marketing representative, requires a consistent, data-rich and fully synchronised customer relationship management system. For this reason it has selected GoldMine CRM.

“GoldMine is an excellent piece of software. It is user-friendly and once familiar with it, it has many useful functions. GoldMine integrates extremely well with another piece of software that I use regularly – Crystal Reports. I use this to produce monthly reports for our principals whereby opportunities of business can be reviewed in a quick and easy format. This includes a very useful sales funnel and the total value of business can be seen.” said Elec-Rep’s Damian Brooks, when asked about the value it adds to his work in application specific research and customer engagement.

Kevin White, added “Monday Manchester, Tuesday Cirencester, Wednesday Brentwood…. This means Goldmine is essential. We are able to sync with our central server so that at all times all company members can see what we’ve done, what we are doing and what we have planned. One piece of software managing and recording all our communication.”

Kevin was clear to emphasis that “Sync is the Key” and as experts in creating and developing sales distribution networks and partners across Europe, integration and consistent, real-time data and analysis is vital when everyone is everywhere.

For a more detailed look at how Elec-Rep uses technology to represent passive electromechanical and interconnect manufacturers in the UK and across Europe, please contact us.

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