When we aren’t out representing our Principals in the UK and Europe we find ourselves very busy as a team and are often asked what we get up to.

Kevin today was sat in Starbucks, Yeovil, answering emails, having a latte whilst his car was having front wheels re aligned. After a first service yesterday, his Renault Captur was in fine spirits apart from a little wear on the front tyres. On the way he’d been to the dump to recycle cardboard and bought new GREEN light bulbs for the office.

Yesterday as Chairman for his local cricket club he was delighted to achieve funding grants for youth cricket and funding for two cub members to achieve L2 coaching certificates.

Meanwhile, Damian, as secretary of his local cricket club, attended a committee meeting and now had the minutes to type up. Damian’s daughter started school less than two weeks ago, so early evenings are spent chatting through her day and helping her with her “homework”.

In other news, Hemant was working through his emails and replying to them in between trying to book appointments for one of our Principals who is coming to the UK in October for 4 days. Dedicated to the cause, he even made time to go to the local electrical hardware shop to buy a wireless mouse.

And last but not least in this action-packed day, Nick  could be found working on potential orders with a UK distributor. Later he was at his cricket club’s ground taking down the marquee & winter moth-balling the pavilion. As vice-chairman he will be attending a trustees meeting afterwards to discuss processing funding applications for next cricket season.

So apart from continuously serving Principals and developing new business do you notice a consistent theme in the form of the traditional English game of cricket? If our friends in USA would like some help in understanding the quirkiness and nuances of this fine game please contact any of the team for more details.

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