Over the last month we have been asking our passive and interconnect electronic component Principals, Distributors and Partners what it’s like working with us. We asked them to be honest and tell us what they like about us, to prioritise the value we add with the services we offer and importantly to give us some suggestions for how we can improve.

Here is what they said:

“Elec-Rep is very accessible, very open to business discussions.. and easy to work with.”
“One of the most organized and responsive Rep groups I have.”
“Support is excellent, plus a great team spirit”

We asked what it is about Elec-Rep that they value the most, and they answered:

“Experience, professionalism and friendship of the team.”
“Honest collaboration.”
“The overall business philosophy and the responsiveness of the Elec-Rep Team.”
“Knowledge of your market, persistence and excellent/prompt followup/communications.”
“Team spirit & banter but when professionalism is required – the team pull together.”

It is vital we understand which of our services are most helpful, especially for our Principals, and they said:

“International contacts… general European market view.”
“Building our brand and facilitating the sales process in the UK. We would have no way to achieve that in the UK without Elec-Rep.  Elec-Rep has also been very helpful … recommending some excellent distribution partners which we have franchised.”
“(The) “Sales Funnel” is very organized and useful.”

We then drilled down into the priority of the various services we offer and how important they are in developing and growing business. They prioritised the top three most important as:

1- responsiveness of service
2- technical support
3- market knowledge

And of course we provide application specific research to appropriately position and place our Principals’ products in the right distribution channels. Our Principals value that too.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our survey and you will see improvements in all areas as we take on board this really useful feedback.

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