eGRAF® HITHERM™ Graphite thermal interface pads reduce the variability in performance of LEDs when compared to traditional thermal grease.

Eliminate the complexity and costs associated with dispensing messy thermal grease in your next lighting project. Ask any manufacturing engineer and the most problematic process of luminaire assembly is the dispensing of greases and seal. Inconsistent application of thermal grease results in increased lifetime variability. Too much grease pumps out and can foul optics, too little grease and the LEDs overheat.

HITHERM graphite thermal interface pads provide a simple peel and stick format that provides consistent performance over the lifetime of the luminaire. HITHERM thermal pads are available to support almost all COB devices from the leading manufacturers including Cree, Citizen, Osram, Lumileds, Bridgelux, and more.

The recently launched GrafTech eCommerce website makes ordering parts a simple online credit card transactions. Try HITHERM thermal interface for COB today and you will never go back to grease.

For more information please contact Kevin White.

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