10 Step European Marketing Representation


Elec-Rep is delighted to announce an additional and exciting service to the portfolio to assist electronics product manufacturers to launch, consolidate and grow new business in Europe.

Marketing Representation is a four stage process that takes companies seeking growth through ten stages from research and planning to delivery, results and incremental profit for their products.

The Research stage includes local market audits and business briefings. In the Planning stage Elec-Rep creates smart strategic objectives and a marketing strategy as well as plotting out customer journeys to ensure sales and marketing experience is optimised for distributors, partners and customers alike.

Elec-Rep will look after the launch and delivery of ongoing tactical marketing to support sales growth in selected territories. Crucial to this activity is the creation and roll-out of an engaging content strategy which will potentially also open up opportunities for further product introductions into chosen distribution channels in the future.

We understand it is all about results we will create a marketing dashboard to ensure continuous and ongoing improvement is made to the marketing and distribution plans to maximise profit for, and return on investment in, your products.

For a more detailed discussion about product marketing and sales representation in Europe please contact Kevin White.

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