Eaton Product Focus – hazardous environment circuit protection. Introducing the C308F Bussmann Series Fuse for Protecting Intrinsically Safe Devices from EatonVARTA Product Focus CellPac LITE rechargeable Lithium Batteries.

Power management company Eaton has introduced the C308F Bussmann Series of fast-acting, ceramic tube fuses for intrinsic safety requirements used in hazardous environments such as network barriers and other equipment used in mines, oil drilling structures, gas stations, gas meters, chemical refineries and hazardous material transportation.

The C308F series has been designed for manufacturers of intrinsically safe barrier networks who need fast-acting devices that prevent explosions in extremely hazardous conditions. The C308F fuse line offers advanced overcurrent protection that meets internationally-defined safety requirements and EN60079-11 standards for explosive environments where electrical equipment is required in the presence of highly volatile materials.

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