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In a recent interview with a prospective client we were asked a range of pertinent questions that we thought would be useful to share with you, because our answers outline exactly what we do.

We are a “phoenix enterprise” that rose from the ashes of Tech-Rep UK Ltd. The proprietors Hemant Koria and Kevin White have in excess of 50 years experience in sales representation of Electronic Components in the UK and Ireland and 25 years of working experience in the industry with each other.

Our wealth of experience includes an extensive database of contacts in many industry sectors such as metering, telecom, industrial control, security, automotive, military, aerospace, LED Lighting and other industries in need of electronic components. We have two geographically complimentary locations, Stalybridge in the North and South Petherton, near Yeovil, in the South, to cover all of the UK.

Historically our business have been in the UK and Ireland. However, over the past four years we’ve established a broad-based European Network with hubs in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.

How do we grow sales in the region? Well firstly through Application Specific Research, targeting potential customers that fit certain criteria throughout target territories for a Principal’s products. The exact criteria are agreed and drawn up following joint discussions. In basic terms we would rely on the Principal’s product expertise and our knowledge of our home market place to put together a winning targeted approach for future business.

We then focus on Distribution Channel Development and bring in our complimentary 12 stage marketing service, to develop and deliver the ideal distribution across the target geographical area.

For more details and to discuss your specific needs please speak to us.

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