In the second of a series of Day in the Life of, we interview Elec-Rep Director and electronics sales representation specialist, Kevin White:

What are you doing right now?
Preparing for joint visits with GrafTech

Share a quote you like
I didn’t get where I am today by having green frogs thrust down my crotch.

Ask a simple single question you’d like answered
When do the clocks go forward?

Share a useful online or software tool you are using, use it all the time

Tell us a testimonial you have received
“Throughout my two year commercial relationship with Mr. Kevin White, I’ve found him to be very effective in partnering with my company to build our business. I highly recommend that you consider Kevin to support your business sales in the European markets.”

Recommend or review a favourite (non work related) product
Decking looking good, thanks to Kaercher

Share a work/life balance tip
Take a walk with your dog, enjoy a cuppa, at a cafe

Take a trip down memory lane sharing an old product, logo or website
RPTS still going strong

Recommend someone 
Lewis Richmond, was Granville but now Arkwright

What newsworthy thing has happened in Elec-Rep this week?
PingYork month one review

What cause(s) are you currently supporting?
None really but always put your coppers in the collecting tin

Give a sneak preview of something coming soon
Friday, long drive to the North East, Boro v Hull

What one thing could you do better than the competition?
Application Specific Research