Welcome to Elec-Rep
your one-stop for PIE components

Welcome to Elec-Rep

Elec-Rep is your one stop shop for passive interconnect and electromechanical products and solutions. We will find PIE products you can’t find yourself, as we can source them directly from the manufacturers.

We work with solutions and not just products as we offer experienced, technical back-up, as well as expert sales and marketing skills and experience.

Latest News and Articles

New Digi-Key and Mouser Stocking Feature

View Stock and Pricing on Linx Product Pages For stocking information, click the Availability button on Linx product pages. From there, use the Go button to visit our distributor's product page, or click "Get a Quote from Linx" button for…

NEW A2H Series Automotive Relay

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Offering switching capacity up to 50A and low temperature rise. A2H Series With low temperature rise at full load, the A2H Series is available with PC pin or quick connect mounting. A2HF Series The A2H offers two mounting flange…

LPD Series - Panel Mount Dipole WiFi/WLAN Antenna

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The ANT-DB1-LPD-125 (LPD) is a panel-mount dipole antenna for WiFi/WLAN/U-NII 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band applications. The snap-in panel mount provides for easy and secure installation and the hinged whip with 3-position detent allows…

180W Cardiac Floating (CF Category) Wall Plug in and Desktop adapters available in 5-54VDC outputs, Model GTM961800PWWWVV.V-T3

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The medical standard IEC60601-1 defines three types of applied parts, parts of the equipment that comes into contact with the the patient under normal operating conditions. Type CF, or Cardiac Floating, parts have the most stringent classification…

Eaton’s New Automotive Grade Chip Inductor Line

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MCLA (Multilayer type) and WCLA (Wire wound type) MCLA & WCLA are highly reliable AEC-Q200 qualified chip inductors to meet the fast growing need for noise intrusion immunity in automotive applications. MCLA & WCLA are low profile,…

CPA Series Antennas - Directional Embedded Ceramic Patch Antennas

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The CPA series compact ceramic patch antennas offer directional signaling at 816 MHz, 915 MHz, or 2.4 GHz with a recommended ground plane size of 40 mm x 40 mm (915-CPA, 2.4-CPA) or 70 mm x 70 mm (868-CPA). The 868-CPA antenna is ideal for…

“We engaged Elec-Rep in 2013 as our sales representative in the UK and their experience & professionalism have made them an integral part of our team. They provide a great service and excellent support to our customers, so much so we have now extended their agreement to include France.”

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